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Suhool Arabia Investment P.S.C. is a private joint stock company established in the Capital of the Islamic Economy, Dubai, U.A.E.Suhool is engaged in the sponsorship and investment in a creative and innovative range of investment portfolios that are based on real, tangible and productive business activities that are designed to generate sustainable financial returns, in addition to having tangible social impact in the economies they operate in.Suhool is led by a well experienced team of professionals with vast experience in the fields of finance, investment and management.


Suhool sponsors and invests in several portfolios that are thoroughly structured on halal principles and true social responsibility, where benefits reach all stakeholders, with a perfect balance between risk and return.

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Agri Commodity Trading Portfolio

Food Security is paramount to the region. This portfolio seeks to invest in staple food commodities trading from new sources to safeguard the region’s growing food requirements and compliment the increased investments in Agritech to grow fresh produce in the region.

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Cross Border Trade Finance Portfolio

Commerce is increasingly global no matter the size of the enterprise. Suhool seeks to invest in a diversified portfolio of short-term, asset backed and/or credit insured Sharia Compliant structured trade finance opportunities, primarily in emerging markets which may benefit from unique collateral arrangements. The fund facilitates the movement (sale and purchase) of goods/ commodities from countries where they are produced and stored, to where they are in demand.

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Income Generating Real Estate Portfolio

The UAE Real Estate market is increasingly competitive. This Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) like portfolio seeks to invest in income generating real estate in new markets with greater returns and minimal risk. The portfolio seeks to invest in Income Generating Agriculture Storage, Fulfilment Warehouses, Laboratories, Data Centers and Residential Communities.

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Hamad Alarti, ChairmanA leading professional in the field of strategic management. Hamad has harnessed his extensive expertise from firsthand experiences through direct involvement in a wide spectrum of projects and senior positions in top financial institutions. Being responsible for portfolio structuring, Hamad’s deep knowledge of the shariah principles allows him to perfectly tailor the proper structure for all types of investments.Driss Dehbi, CEOUsing market data and economic dynamics, Driss identifies opportunities for new markets and growth territories and formulates the best market penetration strategies that are both efficient and cost effective.
Being responsible for Strategic Operations, Driss is well equipped to take new business opportunities from the draft idea to final implementation in the target market leading to prospective growth and expansion.


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